Since The BIG Latino Invasion We Americans Have Been Told The Crime Rate Has Dropped With Every Latino That Makes It Past Border Patrol And There Is Never Any Evidence Of Racism Among Latinos, Muslims And Blacks! Los Angeles Authorities Say Fight Between Black Football Players & Mexican Taggers At Carson High School In Carson Mexifornia Was Not Racially Motivated And Why, No White Students To Blame Racial Attack On! Dating Businesses Are Using RACE As They Advertise Their Businesses On Television!

Since the big invasion from south of the border we Americans have been told crime in Mexifornia and other areas all across this country is at an all time low. Like the more Latino America becomes the more crime in America becomes non existent. Only stupid people would believe this nonsense crime did NOT become non existent in Mexico and crime did NOT become non existent in Central America. So why the big snow job here? Would it be just another way to make these people look good? Maybe righteous? Is there any wrong they can do? In their own countries yes just not in America. Right! My guess is we are told ridiculous lies to make these people look better than they really are so this mass movement of breeders from 7 Latino countries can continue without anymore disapproval from Americans than there already has been. Its obvious by now there are people in this country that don’t care what the American people want. There concern is what they want and many of them want these people like they never wanted anything else before. The word is out these people are BIG bucks for few as they cost the majority of Americans plenty. As you may know banks have been selling homes and vehicles to Latinos that are NOT citizens then foreclosing on them to. The bank mafia makes plenty by legally stealing it from anybody dumb enough to take out a loan. Attorneys have been advertising on television and radio after the BIG Latino invasion began saying they welcome with open arms the Spanish speaking people like its them that is really important to attorneys. Like Latinos are more important than money. Anybody these attorneys can help create a frivolous lawsuit for the more money the thieving attorneys make. We know the American government sees “voters” with every single one of these people that makes it past border patrol. The Latinos the government deports back across the southern border is a very small percentage compared to the 10s of millions that get to set up shop and live off the American system. Regardless of what the liars say these people are still coming, still breeding profusely and still costing America plenty. Brown people & blacks are indeed just as human as “whitie” with human feeling as “whitie” including feelings of HATE with racial intent regardless of what they and their supporters say. Muslims say Americans can’t just say their sorry, and Americans can’t get off that easily. On the other hand Muslims don’t have to say their sorry for anything they do, and they do get off that easily. This is also for the Black Informant!     Making white people the racial boogie man will NOT make other races look any better than they already DON’T look like they are. Do white people NEED recognition from any minorities? WHY? What would this recognition do for white people? Are minorities that important? Anybody thinking this is the kind of recognition white people are looking for must be a BIG stupid idiot.   What kind of recognition is your people looking for? Isn’t this beautiful? Did whitie do this?    Los Angeles Unified School District and LAUSD police say nothing happen to suggest the fight at a Carson High School at 22328 Main st. in Carson Mexifornia by black football players and Mexican taggers was racially motivated. The reason why, their are no white students to blame a racial act on. Two days later Los Angeles authorities now want Americans to forget about this and move on. Why! No white people to point fingers at, and no white people to call a racist. Try telling the white student knocked out lying on the floor of the Carson High School the attack on him wasn’t racially motivated. Since racism would have been difficult to pin on this white student so called authorities are claiming there is no evidence of racial motivation. Again news of Mexican taggers the vandals that are still at it F-ing up America with spray paint are living it up here in America and somehow they come out the victims of whitie. Who has to pay to undo the damage caused by the “No One Is Illegal” people? If taggers cause millions a year in damage to just one city how much do you think they cause in all 50 states? Do the families of these taggers pay for this damage or do they just get off and continue living off the American system? Do these Mexicans & Central Americans really deserve America? Or are they simply given “magical rights” here in America so they can continue their excessive breeding they can’t afford courtesy of the illegal immigration supporters that don’t have to pay for this mess. Are Mexican & Central American taggers, gang members and criminals really here just to F-up America for the rest of us? This country already had it bad with poor picked on black Americans defacing America, causing crime waves and making a mockery of the English language now the “No One Is Illegal” people are determined they will make the defacing of the United States as ugly as the slums of Mexican & Central America forcing us Americans to live in their peoples ugly mess. These people leave nothing undamaged. Who really becomes the victims in all this ugliness? This character in this movie delivers a childs bike to a home believing he was delivering this bike to a home in England. As he talks to a child that speaks Spanish he soon realized he had come to a home in Mexico. He then tries picking the bike back up to quickly leave with it the Mexican child puts a death grip on the bike with both hands crying as this character tries to shake the kid loose. As i’m watching this i’m thinking this looks like all of Mexico & Central America grabbing the United States with a two handed death grip and they won’t let go for s##t holding on for dear life like their very lives depends on the United States. If “whitie the racist” is so bad why do they come? If “whitie the racist” is so bad why do black and brown people move into white people neighborhoods? No matter how hard we American’s try shaking this country these people will NOT let go for nothing. Could it be the survival of their race depends on how many of their people they can forcible cram into the United States? Earlier in this film the character Arthur had come to the same home realizing he was in the wrong home a chihuahua mounts his furry slipper to have sex with it. Arthur escapes out the window after closing it behind him the chihuahua looks at him with poor me eyes Arthur then quickly puts the slipper back inside. Watching this i’m seeing in my head horny Mexicans with two legs as well as four humping on everything and everyone that can’t shake them off. I could see one of their victims hopping in a circle waving both hands and arms high in the air shaking the leg with the Mexican on it and screaming. GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF! Owners of dating businesses are using RACE to boost their clientele. Several of these dating businesses have been advertising on television using white women to “goo, goo” eye black men in an attempt to attract more clientele. Many people know white women that become obsessed with black men will NOT have sex with any other race of man. Many people know these white women will F any and every black man that comes their way. Most of these women let these men move into their homes and these women pay for everything while their precious men hang out with their “homies” to “kick it.” This behavior is thought of as OK as long as these black men come back to these white women to “stick it.” Many of these white women had proper schooling. After getting their first black penis these women learn from their black counterparts how to mispronounce the English language purposely just so they can feel like they are a part of the black existence. This is called “dumping up.” In the 1960’s & 1970’s black men primarily went after white women to “stick it” to the white man. These black men thought of these white women as trophies. Some even believed they where killing off the white race doing this. This i know as a fact since i heard many of these black men say this with their own mouths.  Just line up at the door!I made these blogs to!  I had recently f##ked a white guy thats 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. He works on a California offshore oil platform. I like guys thats 6 4 to 7 feet tall and weighs anywhere from 240 to 500 pounds and has a pecker like a telephone pole. I will only date a guy shorter than me if he has the prize cock. And YES of course i expect them to have a job. I am NOT supporting anybody i don’t care what fantastic penis they claim to have. This is what i like.  Unfinished!

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