Due To Stupidity, Animalistic Tendencies And Religious Nonsense Many People In America Today Have A Bad Case Of Birth-Control-Ophobia!

The bald guy looks like he wants to be next.   Why not be realistic about birth control stupid people. If you don’t want to use birth control of any kind don’t put the penis in the vagina. Most teenage pregnancies are caused by the belief that being loose with you body is OK.   We know condoms may prevent pregnancies and now in addition to the bone heads born in America we now have an additional 35 million oversexed people that had forced their way into this country since the year 2000. Who pays for these babies? South of the border or America?    Many refuse to use condoms fearing condoms may prevent them from breeding like uneducated fools in an already over populated world. We know refusing to use condoms increases the likelihood of catching STD’s and there is no holy scriptures, praying to GOD, Catholic Pope or “We Have Rights” that will save you and the people you infect from these highly infectious diseases. Would you like to stick yours in this mouth? Image what the other end looks like. How many of you religious Catholics and other religious fanatic party down people believe this? Would Catholic priests like to get a piece of this or are they to old?The “immigration rights” and their supporters conga line, Hola!    We know a lot of people will have sex with anything with a hole or an erect stump and many now believe the United States system must and should pay for them to have the good life and have all the babies they possibly can.Is this girls life going to be wonderful now? Is having your legs open really the good life? Do we have role models in America or just a country full of dirty filthy oversexed pigs? Look at me! Like many girls and grown women throughtout America and every country south of the American border i can’t keep my filthy legs closed. This is what my nasty crack looks like! Want some! This happens a lot. Do i care? Unfinished!

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An Example Of A Racist Double Standard! And The Difference Between Suspicious Characters & Law Abiding Citizens Wearing Hoodies! The NAACP Should Put Their Own Racist People In Check! Most Shootings Of Black Americans Are Not The Result Of “Whitie The Racist” And The Difference Between Indigenous/Hispanic/Latino Jewish & White When Your Someone Like George Zimmerman!

This movie Check & Double Check is considered RACIST. This movie White Chicks is considered not racist. I would like for somebody to try to explain to me with a straight face the difference between the two other than two white guys are playing black men in a black & white movie and two black men are playing white women in a color motion picture. This hoodie wearing suspicious character hangs out where ever she might meet black men that may be married or may have black jealous girl friends. As the white womans obsession for the black man strengthens her English skills will deteriorate to garbage talk. And so will her chances of getting a better education and better job to support the black men that comes her way. This outstanding hoodie wearing law abiding citizen is making a withdrawal at a bank in the American city Islamophobia. Illegal and American laws do not apply to these hoodie wearing outstanding law abiding citizens.This suspicious hoodie wearing character likes to go to school play video games and ride his bike instead of hanging out shoplifting and vandalizing property with spray paint. These tee shirt hoodie wearing law abiding outstanding citizens are doing their next music video called “Latinos are America’s responsiblity, so pay up America.”This hoodie wearing law abiding citizen is indicating he has brains. This hoodie wearing law abiding outstanding citizen is asking us to guess who his team is with his finger motions. This hoodie wearing suspicious character believes reading the bible and abstaining from sex is having a good time. These outstanding law abiding citizens wearing hoodies are marchers in the first annual “Casper The Exploding Ghost” parade. Here is another victim of racial discrimination defending himself and his homeboy from the bad police. They could be advocates for the NAACP. Looking at these guys its default to tell if they are black or Latino either way they have “RIGHTS.” Hoodie wearing government officials and hoodie wearing city council members that make up laws to suit the greedy CEO thieves that are above the law and are for the STD special people that can’t control their own sex organs and hand over special RIGHTS to these people they didn’t have before as they refuse to abide by existing laws belong in here with the rest of their hoodie wearing gang members.    March 31, 2012 – In Palmdale CA 7 black racist teens post their attack of Latino boy on YouTube and they get arrested thinking they were being smart. Attacks like this happen all the time most attacks never get reported. Attacks like this has happen to white Americans for decades. Lets see the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton march these attacks up and down American streets and demand justice. Are attacks like these the black races idea of the advancement of colored people? The NAACP says we are one people! When its about sticking it to bad whitie, both black and brown comes out the victims. If theres an altercation with a Latino and a black that results in the killing of the black its now racist Latino. This doesn’t say a great deal for being one people black (party down) America. When the president of the NAACP says we are one people does he mean blacks all around the world are RACISTS to? Who are black Americans calling the racist of the shooting of Trayvon Martin? If or when George Zimmermans “RIGHTS” were violated he would be thought of by the Latino community and by black activist as a poor picked on by “whitie” Indigenous Hispanic or Latino. Since he is accused of killing a black man he is now thought of as the bad white racist cracker! This is another indication that the black race all over the world has a strong “HATRED” for white people. When i heard Trayvon Martins parents say they just wanted an arrest i knew right then that was total s**thole. Moments later the newscaster says black activists will not rest until they get a conviction. The only time blacks and black activists don’t demand a conviction and or threaten to riot if whites convict the black murderer is when its their people murdering whites. Many are entertaining themselves with the thought that the shootings in Los Angeles county of black men like Kendrec McDade maybe racially motivated. Keep in mind the person that called the police Oscar Carrillo Gonzalez made a there is “a man with a gun” in my face report. As you continue thinking of these shooting have racial content keep in mind that the Los Angeles Police Department by race is 43% Latino 36% White and 12% Black. Also keep in mind everybody shot by police are NOT always black and the shooters are NOT always white.Its all white people doing bad things, the black guys i spread my legs to said so.    As black and brown continues their determination to point the finger of fault, blame and “RACIST” at the white population. They need to keep in mind their peoples activities will keep them busy as they try to keep themselves covered.  The white side of Barack Obama the white mans choice!    If it wasn’t for the fact that the biracial president Barack Obama is considered as black only by the majority of black America and Africans there would NOT be this huge stinky smell over voting and photo ID. I’m saying if there were only white people running for office the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the “vote black” black America wouldn’t give a rats ass about this photo ID issue just as they never did before. If black America were a more responsible people they all or nearly all would have some form of photo ID. Insteed of blaming their own people on this issue naturally as usual the finger point of blame goes to “Whitie The Racist.”       Unfinished!

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Why Don’t Mexican Coyote Smugglers Get This “Better Life” Invasion Over With And Airlift The Rest Of Mexico’s & Central American’s Poor Baby Makers And Parachute Them In All Across The United States With The Islamic Terrorists Congrating In Mexico! Let “Undocumented” Come Raining In From The American Skies! The Catholic Popes Visit To Mexico Looked More Like The Church’s Future With Mexico’s Abundance Of Children!

Why not just parachute all of Mexico’s and Central America’s hard working voting baby makers that can’t afford to have families in the first place so they can all set foot on America’s “better life” soil. As they drop from the American skies with their penises in their hands and their thoughts on all the American women they think they are going to have sex with. They also will be thinking our people is America’s responsiblity.  They can be brought over the entire country day and night to parachute in by the cover of darkness to avoid detection.  Let “undocumented” hard at work getting pregnant come raining in from the American skies. Just after parachuting in they can pull out their protest signs and march up and down American streets telling us Americans they have “RIGHTS” and making more ridiculous demands as they chant RACIST, RACIST, RACIST. Then Latino congressmen and Latino congresswomen and other Latino supporters can appear on MSNBC to tell us Americans with big smiles on their faces just how wonderful it is that another 100 million Latino’s have made it into America’s land of the good life. Their American supporters are Latinos who want all their people here in six flags magic America. Black Americans that can’t get enough of sticking it to “whitie.” And the white Americans that fear the word “RACIST.” Being white and growing up in black neighborhoods in Detriot in the late 60’s through the 70’s and into the early 80’s the word “RACIST” has absolutely NO affect on me what so ever. Some of these parachuting “good life” Latino women may drop babies all across America before their feet touch the American good life soil. Bombs Away! Mexico’s, Central America’s and South America’s illegal drug dealing criminals can parachute in 100’s of millions of tons of illegal drugs for Mexican & Central American gang members to pickup and sell to stupid Americans.Brandishing a machete in Mexico City is a daily occurrence. If dope fiend Americans try picking up and running off with the air dropped south of the border Indigenous illegal drugs without giving American money for them the Latino drug dealers and gang members can chop off their drug addict American heads with their trusty Mexican machetes. The machete called matchet in the English lauguage is another handy creation invented by “white” Europeans. The Collins Company of Collinsville Connecticut was the best and most famous manufacturer of machetes sold in Latin America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean this company began selling machetes in 1845. The machete is another creation of the white European the brown Indigenous can’t live without. The severed heads of two dogs was found in a Southern Mexifornia trash container on March 21 2012. Over the past few years just as the Latino population despicable animal abuse in Mexifornia has been heavily on the rise. Since 2006 the word “racist”and the word “broken” has become two popular words to Latinos. Latinos have used the word “broken” to help justify themselves and to justify the invasion of the “undocumented” just as the word “racist” has been used for. For instance – To say the American system is broken, to Latinos this means American immigration laws don’t apply to them. Just as for Latinos to chant “RACIST” is to say we are right and you white Americans are wrong.I’m watching the Catholic Popes visit to Mexico and all i see is an old man checking in on the Catholic Church’s interest of Mexico’s scrumptious children. And i see the Mexican people are only to happy to hand their children over to the holy child lovers.Unfinished Article!

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Since The BIG Latino Invasion We Americans Have Been Told The Crime Rate Has Dropped With Every Latino That Makes It Past Border Patrol And There Is Never Any Evidence Of Racism Among Latinos, Muslims And Blacks! Los Angeles Authorities Say Fight Between Black Football Players & Mexican Taggers At Carson High School In Carson Mexifornia Was Not Racially Motivated And Why, No White Students To Blame Racial Attack On! Dating Businesses Are Using RACE As They Advertise Their Businesses On Television!

Since the big invasion from south of the border we Americans have been told crime in Mexifornia and other areas all across this country is at an all time low. Like the more Latino America becomes the more crime in America becomes non existent. Only stupid people would believe this nonsense crime did NOT become non existent in Mexico and crime did NOT become non existent in Central America. So why the big snow job here? Would it be just another way to make these people look good? Maybe righteous? Is there any wrong they can do? In their own countries yes just not in America. Right! My guess is we are told ridiculous lies to make these people look better than they really are so this mass movement of breeders from 7 Latino countries can continue without anymore disapproval from Americans than there already has been. Its obvious by now there are people in this country that don’t care what the American people want. There concern is what they want and many of them want these people like they never wanted anything else before. The word is out these people are BIG bucks for few as they cost the majority of Americans plenty. As you may know banks have been selling homes and vehicles to Latinos that are NOT citizens then foreclosing on them to. The bank mafia makes plenty by legally stealing it from anybody dumb enough to take out a loan. Attorneys have been advertising on television and radio after the BIG Latino invasion began saying they welcome with open arms the Spanish speaking people like its them that is really important to attorneys. Like Latinos are more important than money. Anybody these attorneys can help create a frivolous lawsuit for the more money the thieving attorneys make. We know the American government sees “voters” with every single one of these people that makes it past border patrol. The Latinos the government deports back across the southern border is a very small percentage compared to the 10s of millions that get to set up shop and live off the American system. Regardless of what the liars say these people are still coming, still breeding profusely and still costing America plenty. Brown people & blacks are indeed just as human as “whitie” with human feeling as “whitie” including feelings of HATE with racial intent regardless of what they and their supporters say. Muslims say Americans can’t just say their sorry, and Americans can’t get off that easily. On the other hand Muslims don’t have to say their sorry for anything they do, and they do get off that easily. This is also for the Black Informant!     Making white people the racial boogie man will NOT make other races look any better than they already DON’T look like they are. Do white people NEED recognition from any minorities? WHY? What would this recognition do for white people? Are minorities that important? Anybody thinking this is the kind of recognition white people are looking for must be a BIG stupid idiot.   http://blackinformant.wordpress.com/2008/11/13/bad-whitey-bad/   What kind of recognition is your people looking for? Isn’t this beautiful? Did whitie do this?    Los Angeles Unified School District and LAUSD police say nothing happen to suggest the fight at a Carson High School at 22328 Main st. in Carson Mexifornia by black football players and Mexican taggers was racially motivated. The reason why, their are no white students to blame a racial act on. Two days later Los Angeles authorities now want Americans to forget about this and move on. Why! No white people to point fingers at, and no white people to call a racist. Try telling the white student knocked out lying on the floor of the Carson High School the attack on him wasn’t racially motivated. Since racism would have been difficult to pin on this white student so called authorities are claiming there is no evidence of racial motivation. Again news of Mexican taggers the vandals that are still at it F-ing up America with spray paint are living it up here in America and somehow they come out the victims of whitie. Who has to pay to undo the damage caused by the “No One Is Illegal” people? If taggers cause millions a year in damage to just one city how much do you think they cause in all 50 states? Do the families of these taggers pay for this damage or do they just get off and continue living off the American system? Do these Mexicans & Central Americans really deserve America? Or are they simply given “magical rights” here in America so they can continue their excessive breeding they can’t afford courtesy of the illegal immigration supporters that don’t have to pay for this mess. Are Mexican & Central American taggers, gang members and criminals really here just to F-up America for the rest of us? This country already had it bad with poor picked on black Americans defacing America, causing crime waves and making a mockery of the English language now the “No One Is Illegal” people are determined they will make the defacing of the United States as ugly as the slums of Mexican & Central America forcing us Americans to live in their peoples ugly mess. These people leave nothing undamaged. Who really becomes the victims in all this ugliness? This character in this movie delivers a childs bike to a home believing he was delivering this bike to a home in England. As he talks to a child that speaks Spanish he soon realized he had come to a home in Mexico. He then tries picking the bike back up to quickly leave with it the Mexican child puts a death grip on the bike with both hands crying as this character tries to shake the kid loose. As i’m watching this i’m thinking this looks like all of Mexico & Central America grabbing the United States with a two handed death grip and they won’t let go for s##t holding on for dear life like their very lives depends on the United States. If “whitie the racist” is so bad why do they come? If “whitie the racist” is so bad why do black and brown people move into white people neighborhoods? No matter how hard we American’s try shaking this country these people will NOT let go for nothing. Could it be the survival of their race depends on how many of their people they can forcible cram into the United States? Earlier in this film the character Arthur had come to the same home realizing he was in the wrong home a chihuahua mounts his furry slipper to have sex with it. Arthur escapes out the window after closing it behind him the chihuahua looks at him with poor me eyes Arthur then quickly puts the slipper back inside. Watching this i’m seeing in my head horny Mexicans with two legs as well as four humping on everything and everyone that can’t shake them off. I could see one of their victims hopping in a circle waving both hands and arms high in the air shaking the leg with the Mexican on it and screaming. GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF! Owners of dating businesses are using RACE to boost their clientele. Several of these dating businesses have been advertising on television using white women to “goo, goo” eye black men in an attempt to attract more clientele. Many people know white women that become obsessed with black men will NOT have sex with any other race of man. Many people know these white women will F any and every black man that comes their way. Most of these women let these men move into their homes and these women pay for everything while their precious men hang out with their “homies” to “kick it.” This behavior is thought of as OK as long as these black men come back to these white women to “stick it.” Many of these white women had proper schooling. After getting their first black penis these women learn from their black counterparts how to mispronounce the English language purposely just so they can feel like they are a part of the black existence. This is called “dumping up.” In the 1960’s & 1970’s black men primarily went after white women to “stick it” to the white man. These black men thought of these white women as trophies. Some even believed they where killing off the white race doing this. This i know as a fact since i heard many of these black men say this with their own mouths.  Just line up at the door!I made these blogs to!    http://edschultzmsnbc.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/hello-world/     http://americanmexorist.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/mayor-antonio-villarigosa-and-charles-beck-believes-handing-out-drivers-licenses-to-33-million-latino-illegals-will-make-it-safer-safer-for-who-safer-how/  I had recently f##ked a white guy thats 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. He works on a California offshore oil platform. I like guys thats 6 4 to 7 feet tall and weighs anywhere from 240 to 500 pounds and has a pecker like a telephone pole. I will only date a guy shorter than me if he has the prize cock. And YES of course i expect them to have a job. I am NOT supporting anybody i don’t care what fantastic penis they claim to have. This is what i like.  http://www.hugewhitedick.com/   http://www.cuckoldplace.com/10_47300_1.html  Unfinished!

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A Response to: Chief Standing Wolf and Native Americans in Arizona Vow to Deport All Non-Native Americans

Chief Standing Wolf (or Chief Running off at the mouth) has been making idle threats he can’t back up and he also has been giving a brief history lesson that is inaccurate. If all Native Americans in Arizona really would like to have it out in bloodshed then go right ahead, start a fight you can’t win.  http://glossynews.com/other-world-games/news-in-brief/201004291405/native-americans-in-arizona-vow-to-deport-all-non-native-americans/ Have Native Americans really joined forces? Where are your warriors? Are you going to use bows and arrows, maybe spears with feathers on them. Are you going to make everything lily red, or brown? There’s no denying “The Great Breeders” intent is to make the entire United States “lily brown”, is that different? Is everything “different” for dark skin people? Your effort to show exactly who has every RIGHT to be in the state of Arizona is without merit. This “we were here first” is childish and holds no substance. There is proof that white people have been on this continent (the Americas) far longer than a few hundred years.   http://churchofthegreathunab-ku.weebly.com/soloutrean-are-first-americans.html In order for Chief Standing Wolf or the tribal people can be making the laws in Arizona he and or they should have an ideal on how to govern a state. Do you Chief Standing Wolf think you can make laws that wouldn’t be “rediculous”!  There is no law in Arizona that states “English speaking only” anyone claiming there is, is a liar. The real reason the Spanish language is spoken in the U.S. (press two for Spanish) is NOT because this language is so great and wonderful it must be spoken all over the world. ITS because, as fast as the flood of uneducated Indigenous breeders pours into the United States uncontrollably, certain people in the U.S. and Mexico want to/ and get these precious breeders set up to have “that wonderful life” they don’t deserve as quickly as possible (that wonderful life they can’t get in Mexico). Getting their wonderful life in America is to happen to fast for these scholars of breederland to learn to speak English. Then there are so many breeders that believe they don’t have to speak English or need to because they are the great Mexicans/Central Americans that are now better than Americans. As far as “only then will we back down and allow peace to grace Arizona”. Don’t back down big mouth, “BRING IT”. You can’t just put on a fancy headdress and begin blurting out orders. Also if your going to run the state the Native American way you will have to give up all of the white mans  conveniences and go back to your prehistoric lifestyles. That means no more casino, no more anything the white man built. No more white mans radio, you could go back to sending smoke signals and talk trash. As far as being suppressed far to long by the white man goes the Native American tribes do not have an outstanding history of treating each others tribes with the utmost respect. If Native Americans want to brag about ancestory being on this continent for thousands of years they need to think about what do they have to show for all those thousands of years. Like, what did your people do, what did your people create, and what are your people going to do for your people that does NOT involve the white mans ways or the white mans moola. How are Native Americans going to support 100 million Mexicans, how are Mexicans going to support 100 million Mexicans. Question: Are you Chief Running Off At The Mouth or your tribes people going to create jobs for your people and jobs for all these Mexicans? Or are you all just going to live off the land as hunter gatherers? Considering Indigenous people are the dominant breeding lifeform on earth, in time the only food source that will be left will be Indigenous people! Can you see Indigenous meat in the butchers shop. Chief Standing Wolf should look before he leaps!   Indigenous!  The Greatest People on Earth?   Realistically the great Indigenous people from south of the border did NOT come to the United States because the Indigenous people are the rightful heirs of all of the Americas. They did NOT come to the United States for land. Over the past 30 years, 60 million Mexicans and Central Americans came to the United States to get what the white man has/or had. They come to get the white mans goodies, for that better life. Because their Indigenous countries “obviously” are NOT the greatest countries on earth.  They also didn’t come to the United States to join forces with their Indigenous people of North American, very little they would accomplish with that. Their great North American Indigenous people have “nothing” to offer them.  Just being “The Great Indigenous People” with all these “RIGHTS” is not enough! One thing is certain Mexicans will not go with their Native American brothers and sisters to live off the land. The thousands of years the Indigenous people are so fond of, the tribes of the day had a few hundred to a few thousand people to each tribe. Today what would the number of people per tribe be? Half a million, a million? Could these tribes find and cultivate the food needed to feed all of the millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of the short “humpty dumpty” Indigenous people, with more brats on the way. Who’s going to pick the fruits and vegetables?   White people, HA, HA!   So we know the population of “The Great Breeder” is to large to sustain as a tribes people. In fact the population of “The Great Breeder” is getting, and will get to large to sustain period. The American people had been lied to as the flood of Hispanics poured into the U.S. We all would here so much about them coming here for jobs just to feed their family’s. All this was nothing short of poppycock. In reality the head of the households of this flood of people signs a paper at a bank in the U.S. of course, it doesn’t have to be their real name since they will NOT be paying for this HUD property. New comers can go to the American bank and the teller will hand over several bundles of American bills. I saw this going on, it looked nothing short of a bank robbery. After they move into the home they don’t have to pay for, they can go to the nearest Public Assistance building and get more goodies. Coming from Latino  countries where the governments have so much generosity this is a BIG score for these people. A study in August 1998 by the Urban Institute claimed that immigrant family’s in Los Angeles  county were not applying for welfare for fear of jeopardizing applications for immigration benefits such as naturalization. As the whole state itself, this is a county that would bend over backwards and kiss the backsides of these people so their fear would be in vain. In July 1998 a reported survey of 15 welfare programs in 14 states that accounted for 70 percent of the welfare recipients. Blacks accounted for 13 percent of the population and 37 percent of the welfare recipients. Hispanics 11 percent of the population and 22 percent of the recipients. Whites accounted for 73 percent of the population and 35 percent of the recipients. The brainy people that blame whitie for all their troubles look at the percent of recipient with their eyes open wide saying its mostly white people receiving welfare, without taking the percentage of population in account, that makes all the difference. The Hispanic welfare recipients had almost doubled from 12 percent in 1983.   Major Findings – The New Century Foundation in 2006 says 50 percent of Hispanic households use some form of welfare, the highest rate of any major population group.   Crime – Hispanics are 3.3 times more likely to visit prison than whites, they are 4.2 more likely to be in prison for murder and 5.8 times more likely to be in prison for felony drug crimes. Hispanics are 19 times more likely then whites or blacks to be in gangs.   Education – Hispanics drop out of school at 3 times the rate of whites and twice the rate of blacks. Even third generation Hispanics drop out of school at a higher rate than whites and blacks and are less likely to be college graduates. From 1992 to 2008 the state of Mexifornia had over 540,000 Hispanic dropouts. From 1992 to 2003, Hispanic illiteracy in English rose from 35 percent to 44 percent. By 2010 that number would be higher and this illiteracy is the real reason why we live in a two language country now, which benefits the people with a lower intellect. The average Hispanic 12th grader reads and does math at the level of the average white 8th grader. Hispanic high school dropouts are much less likely to earn General Educational Development credentials than their white or black counterparts, especially if they are “precious immigrants” with all the RIGHTS in the world. As of 2010 41% Hispanic adults age 20 & older in the U.S. don’t have a regular high school diploma compared to black adults at 23% & 14% for whites. 52% of foreign born Hispanics (precious immigrants) are high school dropouts compared with 25% born in the U.S. 21% of Hispanics born in the have GED compared to the 5% born outside the U.S.  The Winners Are! Native Americans grade 9 through 12 dropped out of high school at a rate of 11.5 percent during the 2007/2008 school year, that was the highest of 5 races (white, Asian, black, Hispanic and Native American). Native Americans are far fewer in population but their dropout rates have continually topped the charts. Preceding years show the same patterns. This meaning as far as high school dropouts go Native Americans can chant. “We’re number one!” “We’re number one!”.  So does this mean Chief Standing Wolf and his tribe of high school dropouts is going to throw whitie out of Arizona? huuuuuh!   (According to information like this Indigenous people might be the “greatest” “the most precious” but NOT the smartest people on earth).   Medical Schools – As of 2010 in the nations 132 medical schools are 77,722 medical students of these students 61 or 62 percent are white, 22 percent are Asians, 8 percent are Hispanic, 7 percent are black and 1 or 2 percent are Native American. Since Asians are thought of as just like whites to dark skin people, lets give a great big hand to the 16 or 17 percent of blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans in medical school. Clap, Clap, Clap!    Families and Health – At 43 percent, the Hispanic illegitimacy rate is twice the rate of whites and Hispanic women have 2.7 the abortion rate than white women. Hispanics are 3 times more likely not to have medical insurance than whites and die from AIDS and tuberculosis 3 times the rate than whites. In Mexifornia, the cost of free medical care for illegals forced 60 hospitals to close there doors between 1993 to 2003. Attitudes – Only 33 percent of American citizens of Hispanic origin consider themselves American. The rest consider themselves Hispanic/Latino/Indigenous/Mexican/Central American anything but American. This also accounts for the great love of the Mexican flag. Does this sound like Hispanics are outstanding citizens with extreme intelligence? Hispanics are the fastest growing major population in the United States. In 2005 there were 42.7 million Hispanics in the United States. Hispanics outnumber all minorities but whites. In 2010 there are nearly 50/60 million Hispanics The number of Hispanics getting larger is a contradiction to lies we are told, people like news reporters and Hispanic organizations saying from 2005 to 2010 fewer are crossing the border and so many are going back where they came from. They all are saying we can’t just deport millions of illegals. They also don’t tell us how America is going to pay for a people that can’t keep their pants and panties on. More than two thirds of these Hispanics are Mexicans. These huge numbers of illegals being of Hispanic descent is the real reason the accusations of “racial profiling” is now used against whitie. “NAZI” and Communist is a better way to describe Indigenous/Hispanic/Latino countries, the laws these countries have will NOT dispute that fact. You can easy find “RACIST” Indigenous blogs and websites throughout the internet. If these people are “victims” there victims of their own people. Check the news daily, what people commit most of all criminal acts, and what country do these people come from. There is no doubt “The Great Breeder” is the largest minority on WIC, or Public Assistance of some kind and its going from BAD to WORSE! You may hear a lot of talk about these people doing jobs Americans won’t do like picking food or cleaning toilets, this talk is just another way to try to righteous this invasion called immigration. The real truth is very few (a small percentage) do jobs like these, the majority of these breeders now have the jobs Americans had and now jobs Americans can’t get. As more and more of these people get into the U.S. or are dropped from their mothers hot holes and as their populations get bigger and bigger it gets harder and harder for Americans to make a living in their own country. Social Security and SSI has been cut and the cost of living has not been added for 3 years, it will not be added to recipient checks in 2011 because Mexicans are now being added to the roles. What all of this (we have the RIGHT to be in your country means) is. The lives of the American people gets worse so the lives of “The Great Breeder” can get better, better than is was in Mexico. Of course they know and we all know, all of this we Mexicans have a RIGHT to a better life in America is because Mexico can’t handle their peoples out of control breeding insanity. I don’t get what part of this huge problem ass holes don’t get? No country on planet earth can sustain a people with a run away population. Is Chief Standing Wolf and his Native Americans going to start paying for this? I have my doubts! All along the southern border fence you can see barren land on the American side. On the Mexican side you can see the breeders and the homes they live in pushed all the way up into the border fence. You can see Mexico busting out at the seams with these oversexed breeder people. Just after birth these animal people think day in and night out about getting over that border fence to get whatever they can, anything they can, everything they can’t get in their precious (wave their Mexican flags in America) Mexico. Due to the fact that they breed like fools, all of uneducated Mexico now has all these “RIGHTS” in the United States “RIGHTS” they don’t have in Mexico.   The Reasons Why Mexicans Have RIGHTS In America:   Mexicans have “RIGHTS” in America simply because (1) – They (Mexicans) can’t keep it in their pants or keep their legs closed.  (2) – Uneducated Mexicans have babies as fast as roaches have their offspring!  (3) – The Mexican government and educated Mexicans are tired of paying for the uneducated breeders.  (4) –  The American government wants votes so you don’t have to be an American to vote anymore.  (5) – And having brown skin, Mexicans can blame white people for any and everything now, just as blacks have done for decades. (Everything is whities fault!)  There is this misconception that dark skin people have the “magic word” “RACIST” to use against white people. Assuming only whitie can be a racist. A lot of us may have heard the phrase:  They’re accusing me because i’m black. Or, they’re accusing me because i’m brown (Mexican).   Also Indigenous people tried going somewhere with this  –  Europeans (meaning white people) are immigrants to!    Europeans had come to the U.S. “legally” (the right way) a few hundred or thousand at a time over the past 400 years. And they got processed one at a time. They come to the United States respectfully. What Europeans didn’t do is:  Europeans didn’t force their way into America by the 10s of millions over a 30 year period demanding RIGHTS, disrespectfully, believing their people are the greatest people on earth and that they deserve everything in the United States. Everything they can’t get in their own countries!      My website and blogs   http://edschultzmsnbc.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/hello-world/   http://churchofthegreathunab-ku.weebly.com http://americanmexorcist.wordpress.com/

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